Introducing 2You.io EDGE MESH

How it Work

Cloudlet nodes boot into 2You.io Edge Mesh and within 15 minutes of installation become available for programmatic orchestration, monitoring, and application deployment.

The connection between the node and Edge Mesh controller uses secure VPN and can utilize any form of trusted or untrusted networks, wired, wireless, or satellite. It provides network level abstractions, allowing DevOps teams and cloud tenants to carry out operations across cloud overlays that consist of anywhere from 20 to 1,000 nodes at a time, using a single API call.

The 2You.io Edge Mesh back end is implemented using event-driven microservice-based architecture, exposing a number of cloud-based APIs. The back end provides a number of cloud orchestration and ALM services to facilitate deployment of cloud native edge applications, including containers, container orchestrators such as Kubernetes, and serverless functions.

Committed to Open Source

2You.io Edge Mesh services are OpenAPI-based and are easily integrated into 3rd party CI/CD toolchains, high-level orchestration platforms, and automation workflows.

The platform architecture relies heavily on open source, giving users access to a vibrant cloud native ecosystem in addition to an installed set of cloud native services pre-integrated with the platform to keep complexity and time-to-deployment low.

With the service, edge cloud operators are able to easily deploy a variety of open source solutions using 2You.io or 3rd party software repositories. It also allows deployment of cloud native SaaS across private on-premise compute footprints.

The 2You.io Edge Mesh APIs include


  • Cloud and network orchestration
  • Container and function repository
  • Remote access to microservices
  • Template management
  • Telemetry


  • Workload provisioning
  • Reporting

Application Lifecycle Management (Coming Soon)

  • Configuration management
  • Data replication
  • Application performance management
  • Log aggregation and export