Edge Clouds:

The Challenge

Edge clouds are typically deployed across large numbers of unattended locations, close to consumers and IoT endpoints. These locations can often have constrained compute and storage resources and limited and unreliable network connectivity.

The geo-distributed nature and sheer scale of the edge requires a programmable network view and automation capabilities similar to what underpins web-scale public clouds today.

The edge domain requires rethinking its infrastructure and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) — orchestration and deployment, availability, configuration management, data distribution and aggregation.

Managed Edge Cloud

2You.io offers cloud native edge as a globally available, always-on, managed service. Our edge cloud management offers network-level services and tools to streamline infrastructure and ALM across distributed compute footprint.

Your server appliances, edge gateways and micro data centers securely connect to the 2You.io cloud management platform to form a programmable, centrally-managed edge cloud.

Centrally available edge cloud APIs help extend your applications deployed in public clouds and enterprise data centers into the edge, and opens it up for use by cloud-based SaaS providers, software vendors, and other global tenants.

Global Availability

Globally available, locally accessible - for everyone or 'thing'.

The globally distributed 2You.io network enables low-latency, local interconnection between edge cloud elements and management services, and between edge cloud management API endpoints and edge cloud users.